LeAnn Rimes listen  "We're Running Out Of Time" by LeAnn Rimes (Tena Rix Clark/Tim Heintz)

Ooh, yeah

1st Verse

I'm sittin' on my porch
And watchin' the flowers bloom
I walk to my front door
Everything is perfect in every room
But somethin's wrong 'round here
I'm always fightin' back the tears
And even when you come home
I still feel all alone


I need you (to find me) (oh, oh)
(I'm the one you left behind)
(I have nowhere left to hide)
I want you (to see me) (ooh, ooh)
'Cause we're runnin' out of time (ooh)

2nd Verse

I made it look so pretty
Such a beautiful family
Such wonderful friends
But how we do it so dirty
I don't know what is real
'Cause it all feels pretend
Somethin's missin' here
I'm always drownin' my fears
I've gotta take care of myself
Before there's nothin' left

(Repeat Chorus)


(I'm more than just a pretty face)
(Yeah, I'm more than just your wife)
I have my hopes and my dreams, too, yeah
This is also my life, oh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Bridge)

(Chorus Out)

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