video  "Suddenly" by LeAnn Rimes (Desmond Child/Andreas Carlsson)

1st Verse

It's Independence Day, I'm free
And it's a strange place to be
I'm gonna break these chains
Unleash the changes in me
I see an endless road
I feel the restless wind
I've lost the fear inside
'Cause I've got no choice
But to live or die


(Suddenly you're in this fight alone)
Steppin' out into the great unknown
And the night's the hardest time
When the doubts run through your mind
'Cause suddenly you find yourself alone
(You find yourself alone)
(And suddenly you find (yourself) (alone))

2nd Verse

In an empty room
With a suitcase on the floor
It'll be daylight soon
I'm gonna wage my private war
Who's watchin' over me
Must be a guardian angel
I just need time to breathe
And give my life
The best of me

(Repeat Chorus)


Suddenly you're in this fight
Steppin' out
And then

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

And suddenly I find myself

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