LeAnn Rimes "Nothin' New Under The Moon" by LeAnn Rimes (Rick Bowles/Tom Shapiro/Josh Leo)

1st Verse

Nowhere to go
All night to get there
Another nice try from Mr. Wrong
Late night TV on my horizon
National Anthem, and I'm barely hangin' on
Just a typical Saturday night
Feelin' like the rest of my life


(That there was) nothin' new under the moon
Same old dance, same old tune
Just wishes on stars that never came true
Just one more night to get through
That there was nothin' new under the moon, 'til you

2nd Verse

Hey what a change, hey what a concept
Here's a true heart wanting mine
News flash, who'd ever thought you could
Have the same feelin' at the very same time
Look at what your love's doin' to me
I can't believe I used to believe

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

Nothin' new under the moon, 'til you

There was nothin' new under the moon, 'til you

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