listen video  "Nothin' Better To Do" by LeAnn Rimes (Darrell Brown/LeAnn Rimes/Dean Sheremet)

1st Verse

Hung my cotton dress on rusted wire
Up there on Pelahatchie Bridge
Just a crazy roughneck's daughter
Jumped head first into the water
Baptized away my sins

2nd Verse

Hitched to town with Bobby Joe and Tommy
Couple of lookers, new best friends
We slipped in the back of Sunday service
Know them church ladies they heard us
Bum smoke money from the offerin'

Pre Chorus

Mama said, 'Idle hands are
Devil's handiwork
Oh, the trouble you'll get into'


(If) you've got nothin' better to do
Got nothin' better to do
You've got nothin' better to do (babe)
Got nothin' better to do, yeah
(Oh, hey hey)

3rd Verse

Pelahatchie, MS Sign read bait, chips, beer, and ammunition
That Slim Jim bag boy hadn't a prayer
Well, I hiked my skirt and did the talkin'
While them boys were busy walkin'
Case of point five out the back door

4th Verse

Hid deep in the Mississippi backwoods
We danced and played around 'til dark
Well, I had them wrestlin' for my first kiss
Turned into a fight and they missed
Me speedin' off in Tommy's car

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)


Nobody hurt
Nobody harmed
Nobody's business but my own

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Chorus Out)

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