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All In The Family
listen video  "I'm In" by The Kinleys (Radney Foster/Georgia Middleman)

1st Verse

Love doesn't come with a contract
You give me this, I give you that
It's scary business
When your heart and soul is on the line
Baby, why else would I be
Standin' right here so tongue-tied


If I knew what I was doin'
I'd be doin' it right now
I would be the best damn poet
Silver words out of my mouth
Well, my words might not be magic
But they cut straight to the truth
(So) (Ah) if you need a lover and a friend
(If you need a lover and a friend)
Baby, I'm in (I'm in)
I'm in (I'm in)
Baby, I'm in (I'm in)
I'm in (I'm in)

2nd Verse

Baby, come on in, the water's fine
I'll be right here, you take your time
Just let me hold you
And we'll both take that leap of faith
It's like I told you
There's no guarantee when you feel this way

(Repeat Chorus)


(Well) Baby, come here next to me
I'll show you how good it can be
I'll breathe each breath you breathe, I can
Pour out everything I am

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Bridge)

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