Kim Richey "To Tell The Truth" by Kim Richey (Kim Richey/Angelo/Larry Gottlieb)

1st Verse

I like to think nobody knows
What's going on inside
You like to say it didn't mean a thing
Or hurt to say goodbye
I tell a joke, you laugh too loud
The party never ends
We're not foolin' anyone
So why try to pretend


To tell the truth, I still love you
Tell the truth, you still care, too
(And) I can see it in your eyes
See it in your smile
Clear across the room
Tell the truth
Tell the truth


True love knows the real thing, baby
There's nowhere to hide
It hears every word you never say
(And) sees through every lie

Maybe we could find a way
To get beyond our pride
It's such a waste of precious time
(To) keep up this disguise

(Repeat Chorus)

Tell the truth
I still love you

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