Kim Richey listen  "Strength In You" by Kim Richey (Kim Richey/Dave Bassett/Samantha Brown)

1st Verse

You've been up all night
Down all day
Every road you take
Is turnin' you the wrong way
You're actin' like
(You've) lost your only friend
Yeah, you're lookin' like
Somthing that the cat drug

1st Pre-Chorus

In and out o' luck
You're hangin' by a thread, ah


If you think you're fallin' apart
(I'll) (I) swear I'll be there forever
(To) pull you back together
(And) if you think you're comin' unglued
And you've got a problem
I'll share it
I will be the strength in you

2nd Verse

(Well) I've got this place
We should go
Maybe have a drink
With someone that I used to know
She held me up
When I was down
But it's been a while
Since I've seen that face

2nd Pre-chorus

Around, and I remember
We always had an answer

(Repeat Chorus)


Sadness hides the light
(Inside of you)
Inside of you
(Inside of you)

Guitar Solo

3rd Pre-Chorus

Hey, don't you remember
We always found an answer

(Chorus Out)

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