listen  "Just My Luck" by Kim Richey (Kim Richey/Angelo)

1st Verse

I got tired 'a losin'
So I covered my tracks
And I left love behind me
It was a thing of the past
And I got back on my feet again
Somethin' new in my stride
Well, I was just tellin' my girl friend yesterday
How I was doin' alright


(Yeah) I was livin' (the) (a) good life
None of that silly love stuff
Then I went and fell for you
Ain't that just my luck

2nd Verse

I got a house in the country
I got a garden that grows
And I got nobody tellin' me
Hey, turn down that radio
I made my life real simple
A couple cats and me
I don't get bored and lonely
As long as there's somethin' on TV

(Repeat Chorus)


Is it just my luck
Or a twist of fate
I was ready to close the book
Then you went and turned the page

(Chorus Out)

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