Kim Richey "Lay It Down" by Kim Richey (Kim Richey/Tom Littlefield)

1st Verse

Have another drink, yeah
Maybe dull the pain
Take another hit
But that don't ever stop the rain

Smile away the hours
You're never really there
You're safe behind the knowledge
They don't know how much you care


(Yeah) but don't that stuff get awful heavy
You know, it occurs to me
You're gonna break your heart if
You don't leave it be
Lay it down
(Lay it all the way down)

2nd Verse

Leave the words unspoken
Bite your tongue instead
Ah, but keep the fire smokin'
Keep it hummin' in your head

Hold another grudge
Oh, tight against your chest, yeah
Note another slight
So you can add it to the rest

(Repeat Chorus)


The truth leaks out a little every time
You tell another desperate joke

(Repeat Chorus)

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