Kim Richey listen  "Don't Let Me Down Easy" by Kim Richey (Kim Richey/Angelo/Tom Littlefield)

1st Verse

The choice of words don't matter
The meaning's still the same
And it won't make me feel better
To hear I'm not to blame
Someday I'll forgive you
Maybe then again I won't
But I take no consolation
In what the future holds


Don't let me down easy
Just let me go
Don't tell me you'll call me
When we already know
This goodbye will last forever
So let the bad times roll
But don't let me down easy
Don't let me down easy
(Don't let me down easy)
That's a hard way to go

2nd Verse

I shoulda seen it comin'
I shoulda faced the facts
(The) more love that I gave you
(The) less love you gave back
I guess I thought you'd come around
Yeah, well we all make mistakes
There ain't nothin' good about this
There ain't nothin' left to say

(Repeat Chorus)

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