listen video  "I Told You So" by Keith Urban (Keith Urban)

1st Verse

You said you needed your space, oh
I wasn't where you wanted to be
I didn't stand in your way, mmm
I only want you to be happy

Pre Chorus

And so how surprised am I
To see you here tonight, well


Oh, can't ya see
That for worse or for better
We're better together
Please just come back home
No, don't say that you're sorry
(And I won't say I told you so, oh)
(You don't gotta say you're sorry, baby)

2nd Verse

Sometimes in our life, oh
We get to where we wonder if
The long road that we're on
Is headin' in the same direction

Pre Chorus

When it comes to you and me
We're right where I know we should be

(Repeat Chorus)


Sometimes it's like we're deep in
Nothin' but love
The slightest thing can grow so foolishly
Remind me, please

(Repeat Chorus Twice)


And I won't say I told you so, oh ho
But I told you so, yeah yeah, hey yeah
Should'a known better than to leave me, baby, oh oh, (ooh ooh)
(Should'a known better than to leave me, darlin')
Na na na na na na...

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