listen video  "Making Memories Of Us" by Keith Urban (Rodney Crowell)

1st Verse

I'm gonna be here for you, baby
I'll be a man of my word
Speak the language in a voice that you have never heard
I wanna sleep with you forever
And I wanna die in your arms
In a cabin by a meadow where the wild beasts swarm


(And) (Yeah) I'm gonna love you
Like nobody loves you (baby)
And I'll (earn) (win) your trust makin' mem'ries of us (oh, oh) (mmm, ooh)
(Oh, baby) (mmm)

2nd Verse

I wanna honor your mother
And I wanna learn from your Pa
I wanna steal your attention like a bad outlaw
And I wanna stand out in a crowd for you
A man among men
I wanna make your world better than it's ever been (mmm)

(Repeat Chorus)


We'll follow the rainbow
Wherever the four winds blow
And there'll be a new day
Coming your way

3rd Verse

I'm gonna be here for you from now on
This you know somehow
You've been stretched to the limits
But it's all right now
And I'm gonna make you (a) (this) promise
If there's life after this
I'm gonna be there to meet you with a warm, wet kiss (yes I am) (mmm)

(Chorus Out)

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