listen video  "Everybody" by Keith Urban (Keith Urban/Richard Marx)

1st Verse

So here you are now
Nowhere to turn
It's just the same old yesterday
And you made a promise to yourself
That you were never gonna be this way

Pre Chorus

And the only thing that you've ever known is to run
So you keep on drivin' faster into the sun


(But) ('Cause) (And) everybody needs somebody sometimes
(You know you do)
(There's a bit of it left to save)
(Yeah) everybody needs somebody sometimes (yeah)
(Oh, oooh, yeah hey, oh)
(Yeah, there's someone inside you)
(Gotta have someone inside you)
(Yes you do, yes you do)
(Yeah, with you, baby, yeah hey)
(Everybody needs somebody sometimes)

2nd Verse

You don't have to find your own way out
You've got a voice, let it be heard
Just when it feels you're on a dead-end road
There's always somewhere left to turn

Pre Chorus

So don't give up now (don't give up now)
You're so close to a brand new day
Yes, you are
And if you just can't bear to be alone (all alone)
Then I'll stay

(Repeat Chorus)


Well, maybe I been too caught up
To see what you've been goin' through
All that I can say is I'm here now
Oooh, oooh, oh oh, yeah

(Chorus Out)

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