video  "Days Go By" by Keith Urban (Monty Powell/Keith Urban)

1st Verse

I'm changin' lanes
I'm talkin' on the phone
I'm drivin' way too fast
And the Interstate's jammed
With gunners like me
Afraid of comin' in last
But somewhere in the race we run
We're comin' undone


And (the) days go by
I can feel 'em flyin'
Like a hand out the window (in the wind)
(As) the cars go by
It's all we've been given
(So you better start livin')
(You better start livin')
(So you) better start livin' right now
('Cause) days go by
Well, ooh ooh
(Yeah, (the) (these) days go by)
(Well, ooh ooh)

2nd Verse

Out on the roof just the other night
I watched the world flash by
Headlights, tail-lights
Runnin' through a river of neon signs
But somewhere in the rush, I felt
We're losin' ourselves

(Repeat Chorus)


We think about tomorrow
Then it slips away
Oh, yes it does
We talk about forever
But we've only got today

(Repeat Chorus Twice)


So take 'em by the hand
They're yours and mine
Take 'em by the hand
And live your life
Take 'em by the hand
Don't let 'em all fly by
Come on, and come on now
Come on now
Hey, ooh ooh
Don't you know the days go by

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