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Katie Amiger
listen video  "17 In Abilene" by Katie Armiger (Katie Armiger/Ashlee Hewitt)

1st Verse

It'd take about 900 miles round-trip
To walk on the Gulf of Mexico
We'd jump in my daddy's beat-up truck
Drive all night and don't look back

Pre Chorus

Mama she'd go crazy
Just wonderin' where we're at


17 in Abilene
You and me
Biggest sky you've ever seen
There's so many miles of open road
And so many places still left to go
17 runnin' from Abilene

2nd Verse

It doesn't take much for us to drive away
'Cause all we need's just a little bit of faith
I got fifty bucks in my pocket
It'll get us there and maybe not back

Pre Chorus

The sun is shinin' from head to toe
And I don't think I'll ever let you go

(Repeat Chorus)


I see the stars in your eyes
Let's start the rest of our lives tonight

(Repeat Chorus)


17 runnin' from Abilene
Runnin' from Abilene

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