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High Maintenance
listen  "The Prize" by Joanna Cotten (Joanna Cotten/Greg Barnhill)


Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na

(Repeat Tease)

1st Verse

A pretty face
All the years it finally took
To see this pretty face
After listenin' to the world
Tell me who I should be
Oh, I let it feed
On my insecurities

2nd Verse

See, the world is mean
And if you let it
It'll make you think that everything
Has to look a certain way
But that's not how it is
You see I got a gift
That the world can't change or take away

Pre Chorus

I found that through it all
That I'm one of a kind
And what God has given me
I'm gonna let it shine


Just look a little deeper and you'll see
All the beauty waitin' here inside of me (yeah)
Don't let what's on the outside go and trick your eyes
And catch you by surprise
Yeah, 'cause I
I'm every woman that has ever been
So if you're deep enough
To see what's underneath my skin
I just might let you in
And then you just might win
The prize

(Repeat Tease)

3rd Verse

Now the hurt is gone
But when it was there
Its purpose was to make me strong
And I guess that's why Heaven sent it down to me
Oh, so I could see
I have everything inside to be complete

Pre Chorus

So next time that you're tempted
Just to walk on by
It might be worth your time
To stop and stay awhile

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

(Repeat Tease)

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