Jason Aldean listen  "I'm Just A Man" by Jason Aldean (John Rich/Vicky McGehee/Chad Brock)

1st Verse

I'm a blue collar man
Had a hammer in my hand
For the last few years of my life
Workin' double overtime
While you sleep alone at night
Baby, I know it's been a long, hard ride
Sometimes I forget to say I love you
But baby, please know that I do, yeah


I live this life every day
I make my share of mistakes
And every lesson I've learned
I've learned the hard way
I do the best that I can
And I hope you understand
After all, I'm just a man

2nd Verse

I found a postcard that you've saved
That's turned yellow with age
Of a beautiful place in the sun
We've been sayin' every year
That we're gonna go there
And run away just the two of us
Well, I put that picture back on your dresser
Grab my keys
I got to get back to work, yeah

(Repeat Chorus Twice)


After all, I'm just a man
That's all I am
Baby, I'm just a man, ooh ooh

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