Jason Aldean listen  "You're The Love I Wanna Be In" by Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean/John Rich/Vicky McGehee)

1st Verse

I've always been there
Every time he lets you down
I caught your fallin' tears
Before they hit the ground
But I just heard somebody say
That you finally told him good-bye
Well girl, now you finally made your move
Now I'm here to make mine


I wanna be there when you wake up
Be more than just your friend
Baby, there's no mistakin'
You're the love I wanna be in (aww, yeah)

2nd Verse

I've kept my feelin's
Under lock and key
Couldn't let you see them
Even though it was killin' me
You can't imagine all the time I've spent
Wishin' you were mine
I just know if we ever kissed
We'd go crazy, baby
For the rest of our lives

(Chorus Out)

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