listen video  "Johnny Cash" by Jason Aldean (John Rich/Vicky McGehee/Rodney Clawson)

(What you got)

1st Verse

Quit my job
Flipped off the boss
Took my name off the payroll
(Screw you, man)
Picked up my cell
Rang my baby's bell
Said, 'I'm three miles from home'
I said, 'Sugar, won't you put on that sun dress I like so much'
'Wait out by the road, I'm comin' to pick you up'


(Whoa whoa)
Threw your suitcase in the back
(Whoa whoa)
Done gassed up the Pontiac
(Whoa whoa)
Blastin' out to Johnny Cash
Headin' for the highway
Baby, we ain't never comin' back (to it)

2nd Verse

It's four hundred and sixty-seven miles to the outskirts 'a Las Vegas
What do you say we go gettin' married
By a preacher man who looks like Elvis
(Yeah, mama)
Now Sugar, don'cha worry about tellin' your mama goodbye
We'll send her a souvenir postcard from the wild side

(Repeat Chorus Twice)


(Whoa whoa, whoa whoa)
I hear that train a'comin'
Rollin' around the bend (whoa whoa)
The man in black gonna rock your ass again
(Whoa whoa, whoa whoa)
Now, now, now, now...

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