Jason Aldean listen  "I Break Everything I Touch" by Jason Aldean (David Lee Murphy/Kim Tribble)

1st Verse

If it's gonna happen
It's gonna happen
That's just the way that it is
Oh, when love comes along
And it don't take long
'Til it slips through my fingertips

2nd Verse

I could make some excuses
But darlin' the truth is
I'm just the reckless kind
And I don't wanna leave you
To pick up the pieces
But oh, no matter how I try


(Girl) (Yeah) (Well) I break everything I touch
Little girl, that's close enough
Seems like every heart I've ever loved
I break everything I touch

3rd Verse

I can't look in your eyes
And tell you a lie
I'd love to leave here with you
Whoa, but darlin' the fact is
I'm always attracted
(To) everything I shouldn't do

4th Verse

Oh, so you better go
'Fore I lose control
And we throw it all to chance
Girl, you're welcome to stay
But all I've got to say
Before you lay your heart in my hands

(Chorus Out)

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