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This web site exists solely to entertain its visitors.  These pages are interpretations of the actual musical performances and are not transcribed from any published material or copied from any other web site.  The lyrics are presented for research, entertainment, and other non-commercial purposes only.

This web site may contain copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.  This web site is operated under the assumption that this non-profit use on the web constitutes a 'fair use' of the copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

Artist Management/Representation - If you think copyright violation instead of promotion when you view this web site, please send a letter on artist, official representative, or record company letterhead to Borderline Productions, Box 71426, Eugene, OR 97401, and I will remove any offending material.  If you think promotion, be sure to send me your latest releases, media kits, and other promotional material.

I'm sorry if your favorite song or artist is not represented here, but I update this web site only when a song appeals to me and I have the CD or other media to interpret the lyrics as heard on the actual recording.  Suggestions for songs or artists to add to this web site are always welcome.

Audio and video clips play best on Media Player 11 on a DSL or cable modem connection set to "always on top" so skin mode can share your screen with lyrics for easy listening, viewing, reading, and scrolling.

I strive to maintain and update this web site because of its popularity.  There are no lyric guesses, donation requests, or pop-ups here.  Enjoy this web site, thanks for visiting, and come back often.

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