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greenlight NBC email address for H:LotS

greenlight Original NBC Homicide Site  From  (DR)

greenlight Homicide Postmortem  The Baltimore Sun's tribute to Homicide.

greenlight UFO's, JFK, and Elvis  Random House's Richard Belzer book site.

greenlight The Best (Damn?) Police Drama On Television Was On Court TV.

greenlight Anatomy of a Homicide Web Site  WGBH/Boston's site devoted to the Homicide documentary.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Street   Barry Levinson's newly-updated Homicide pages from The Levinson/Fontana Company web site.  Additional pages for awards, links, cast, production notes, and photos.

greenlight The Tom Fontana Collection  Buffalo State profiles Tom Fontana and the special collection of scripts at the school.

greenlight The Official Tom Fontana Web Site  Diary, scripts, news links.  (JFC)  See the Author's Notes page about the Colors episode of Homicide.

greenlight Pat Moran & Associates  Homicide casting director Pat Moran's commercial web site.  Credits and projects.  Check out The Wire casting information.

Total TV Top 10 Homicide Sites greenlight Total TV Top 10 | Homicide   Total TV's take on what the Top 10 H:LotS web sites are, prefaced with a good description of the show.  Their Total TV Top 10 page leads you to their picks of the best web sites for other TV shows.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Street (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)   Dennis Kytasaari. Invaluable.  By clicking on a title you will be taken to the "Episode Guide" (next listing below) where you will see guest cast credits and a description of the episode.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Street (an Episode Guide)   Dennis Kytasaari.  Cast credits and episode descriptions.  Click on a name and you will be whisked to the person's Internet Movie Database filmography.  There are a lot of good H:LotS sites, but you are not going to find one more lovingly and professionally attentive to detail.

greenlight Episode Descriptions   Robert Ewing's episode mini-guide covers Season 5 and 6.

greenlight "Homicide: Life on the Street" (1993)   Internet Movie Database H:LotS site with cast, crew, and guest star listings and bibliographic links.

greenlight Homicide: The Movie  IMDb Page for the TV movie.

greenlight H:LotS FAQ   Jason Lempka - Contains Vince LaMonica's dated but, at the time, complete FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

greenlight Homicide: The Best Damn Show on Television   Amanda K. Paulette - Neat, clean, visually appealing site with a metric ton of excellent publicity photos.  Also has links and, very importantly, Amanda stores John Landbeck's WELCOME TO THE MINI-FAQ FOR ALT.TV.HOMICIDE   Also known as the Newbie FAQ. Read this before you contribute to:

greenlight The newsgroup   Don't you dare pop in here with questions before reading the Mini-FAQ immediately above...

greenlight Riot Chicks Central Command   Kim Dumke - Hottest H:LotS site going these days. A great time sink of interesting and amusing material.  It also contains the a.t.h FAQ for Dumb Clucks, which is recommended reading whether or not you'll admit to it that you are one, and is definitely worth reading before posting to the newsgroup.

greenlight Jim King's "Homicide" Board Web Site   Photos, Jim's article What Is The Board?, an article entitled Why Fans Do It Better by Cathy Taylor from the 9/16/96 issue of Mediaweek magazine, links, plus Jim includes the current Board from the NBC websodic "Second Shift."  But the heart of this site is still the status of the bulletin board listing all assigned cases of Lieutenant Al Giardello's shift, plus all The Boards from previous years, making the site a historical record of the show.  As an added bonus, The Case Files on the site now link The Board to descriptions of the murder cases.  And The Board is also available on the web at:  greenlight The BOARD, Web Style

greenlight Welcome to Homicide: Life on the Web  Jason Lempka - Beyond the fictional intro there are sections for News (the latest stuff), Show Info (links, The Board, the characters and who they're based on and what's happened to who they're based on, old FAQ/new FAQ, and all other manner of good data), Book Info (everything you need to know to make you want to read the book), Fan Stuff (there's just too much good stuff in here to describe), Site Info, and Links (which spins you here).  It's a wonderfully vast time sink of information for the Homicide devotee.

greenlight Homicide   Katie Conley - Sound bytes, many pictures, articles, music list, book related matters, fan fiction, favorite lines, misc. goings-on data, links.  Perhaps my favorite H:LotS fan site, and specially recommended to you.

greenlight The Box...A Homicide: Life on the Street site   John Bobby - The Homicide Glossary (a valuable reference), Homicide Photo Gallery (excellent screen captures and collages), Homicide Store, Homicide: The Movie Photo Gallery, Homicide/Baltimore Links, and the famous Homicide: Life as an Extra.  Hard to believe this site just keeps getting better and better.  Very much recommended.

greenlight Loryn's 11 Cents   Loryn Cearley - Descriptions of the book, the show and its characters, each detective's most memorable case, and other misc. data plus a lots of pics.

greenlight EROMITLAB   Erik Kosberg - H:LotS quotes, a FAQ about the families of H:LotS characters, Top Ten list of reasons that people don't watch H:LotS, "Homicide: The Next Generation," and an excellent morph of the H:LotS cast members.

greenlight BobTard's Trip Report   Bob Chase (aka BobTard)'s trip report on 5/96 H:LotS fan convention in Baltimore.

greenlight Land of Schlock: The Homicide Drinking Game   Michaela Schlocker - Probably written during rerun season.

greenlight Land of Schlock: HLOTS Sounds   Michaela Schlocker.

greenlight Dou-Yan Yang's Homicide Page   Cast list, show description, links.

greenlight Body Count: A Homicide Fan Page   Garrett Shields - Contains The Case Files.  Graphically impressive site.  "A comprehensive index of significant deaths investigated by the H:LotS detectives" which is very well done and getting more complete all the time.  Also has sections for fan articles and character photos & information.

greenlight Denise's Homicide: Life on the Street Page   Denise Perkins - News & notes, summary reviews of some episodes, links.

greenlight The Aquarium   Laurel Krahn - Well-designed site is a review and appreciation of H:LotS, with links and pics.

greenlight Laurel's Partners Page   Laurel Krahn - Contribute your ideas to the partnerships of Homicide.

greenlight Why We Hate Tom Fontana  Laurel Krahn's new site.  I guess Tom's wish has finally come true.

Rene in front of The Board - Click here for a closer look greenlight Homicide: Scripts On The Street  Laurel Krahn's new script site.

greenlight Movie Publicity Photos Available  January 31, 2000.  Official NBC publicity stills from the movie including cast photos and location shots.  (LK)

greenlight Cop TV Shows   The Mining Company's site, with guide Greg Baerg, for information on all police-related TV series.  Excellent articles and interviews related to H:LotS can be found here.

Hostess Arianna Welcomes Jon Seda To Futura greenlight We hate HOMICIDE's Paul Falsone page   Robert Postuma - Rob figured that H:LotS' new detective, Paul Falsone, deserved his own page.  Here it is.  Read and write Falsone Hate Mail to the HATE MAIL to Falsone: A "Homicide:Life on the Street" Appendix page.  Contribute to the Top 10 Reasons We Hate Falsone list.  Catharsis is good...

greenlight Jon Seda's Fun House   ...and now for something completely different.  At this point it's important to note that Paul Falsone and Jon Seda are not the same person.  The eyes have it.

greenlight The Official Jon Seda Web Site  News, biography, filmography, photos, Dear Jon, fan club, links.

greenlight The Homicide Archives   Sugaree/Becky Marie's page of links and screen grabs.

greenlight Baltimore's Finest  Anthony Choi.  Comprehensive info, famous rumors page.

greenlight Natalie's Greatest Show On Television  FAQ, trivia test, survey, detective's notebook.

greenlight Neal's Ultimate H:LotS Home Page  Pictures, news, a survey and more.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Net  Tim Grossner's discussion board and RealVideo clips.

greenlight Miriland  Beth Wilson.  Impressive web site design.  Homicide sounds and links.

greenlight Homicide Picture Gallery  Ashley Cathleen Crowe's extensive picture site.

greenlight Homicide And Law & Order Actors  Ashley Cathleen Crowe's new site.

greenlight Homicon '98 Web Site  Pictures and accounts of the annual get-together.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Street  Erik Arneson.  Show summary and discussion board.

greenlight Homicide Photos  Ken's digital camera photos of Homicide, currently featuring a photo of Jon Seda in his Falsone persona.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Street  From Great Bear.  FAQ's, photos.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Street  David Cantwell's Homicide page.  New screen captures.

greenlight Rod's H:LotS Stuff  Rod Unks imagines some potentially interesting H:LotS crossover episodes, and offers up a couple of background wallpaper collages.

greenlight The Squadroom At Fell's Point  Joe's episode reviews and commentaries.

greenlight Bug's World of Wonders  Bug, aka Dennis, NBC's promo maven for Must-See TV in Homicide's heyday, has a site featuring a personal profile and some of his promos.  Click on Bug's Handiwork and download the featured multimedia promos.  Original

greenlight Three Men and a Box: A Cinematic Analysis of Homicide: Life on the Street  Film class term paper from April, 1999, by Beth Platt.  Technical and artistic analysis and screen captures from Three Men And Adena.
Clark Johnson
greenlight NBC Commits Homicide  Jimmy Aquino's tribute to Homicide.

greenlight Save Homicide  Kevin Kearney's site about the efforts to save the show.

greenlight Indalia's Box  From Indalia.  Photos and links.

greenlight H:LotS  From Jan.  Photos and links.

greenlight Highest Calling  From Tipster at Critterhaven.  News articles and links.

greenlight Homicide Meets Pinky And The Brain  Luna's parody page.

greenlight An Editorial  By Dorothy Swanson from Viewers For Quality Television.  1999 VQT

greenlight Ozicide  Bobby Ace's list of Homicide and Oz crossover actors.

greenlight Adventures In Baltimore  Ashley's trip to Bawlmer.

greenlight A Homicide Retrospective  Joe Weiss' episode commentaries, critics' quotes, most dramatic moments, and featured urban legends.

greenlight The Coffee Room  Thomas' tribute site.  Cast, credits, acronyms, who-dunits?, pictures, forum, and poll.

greenlight Homicide: A Retrospective  Gator's tribute site.  Cast, credits, episodes, interviews, pictures, links, Homicide oddities, scripts, and the alternative universe of H:LotS.

greenlight The Bawlmer Scrapbook  Amantari's Homicide site.  Pictures, words to live (or die) by, favorite stories, links, cop show lane, show and tell, and watching the detectives.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Street Virtual Postcards  Kay's Homicide e-card site.  The Secor Files Free

'White Gloves' murder scene greenlight Baltimore In June: A Pictorial  Japanese tourist Taro Yamamoto celebrates Baltimore and Homicide with some excellent pictures.  The text takes a different skill (and font) to read.  Be sure to click to all 5 pages.  (John B)

greenlight Ho Ho Homicide!  A slightly off-center Homicide Christmas site, featuring the ultimate H:LotS Christmas gifts, "eBay" collectibles, naughty or nice?, and a piece of fanfic called Fruitcaked.

greenlight Jumping The Shark  When did Homicide start downhill?

greenlight The Mirror Shot In Black And Blue  Chuck Watt's new site, with screen captures of the famous scene.  (CW)

greenlight Homicide FanListing

greenlight Munch Junkies  A tribute to DEE-Tec-Tive Munch from Aphreal Star.  Quotes, photos, links, fan fiction.  (AS)

greenlight A Clark Johnson & Meldrick Lewis Tribute Site  From Aphreal Star.  Filmography, character profile, quotes, pictures, links, fan fiction.  (AS)

greenlight Meldrick & Mikey  From Aphreal Star.  Photos and dialog.

greenlight Pat Moran & Associates  Homicide casting director Pat Moran's commercial web site.  Credits and projects.

greenlight Edge Of Nowhere Homicide Site  Photos, multimedia, plus features on the Box, the Board, the victims, the cast, and the crew.

greenlight Sunshine's trip To Balmer  Photos and descriptions.

greenlight Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  NBC's official site.

greenlight Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  USA's official site.

greenlight Law & Order: Criminal Intent

The Beat cast The Beat greenlight The Beat  The web site for the UPN show from Levinson/Fontana.  (KP)

greenlight The Beat  The show page from The Levinson/Fontana Company.

greenlight Tube Talk  WordSmith site from Ben E. Smith High School of Greensboro (NC).  Features "Pembleton: A man in a predicament" by David Bulla.

greenlight Squirrel Boy Records  Former home of Love Riot, the band that's been featured in several Homicide episodes, including The Subway.  Check out the press releases and their music from this home page.

greenlight Love Riot  Official home page for Love Riot, the band from Baltimore featured on Homicide.

greenlight Big Lazy  Official home page for Big Lazy, the band featured on the Homicide episode The Wedding as Lazy Boy.

greenlight The Wire In France with episode descriptions, news, lyrics, message boards, transcripts, and links.

greenlight Homicide France  Marc's new site for the show featuring, cast/producer descriptions, videos, and a forum.

greenlight Save The Wire from Ashley Morris.  (Ashley M)  More from E! Online, Creative Loafing Atlanta, Confessions, and Off Wing Opinion.

Melissa Leo Homicon Web Site Links...

greenlight HomiCon 2006  November 10-12, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD.
greenlight HomiCon 2005  October 14-16, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD.
greenlight HomiCon 2004  October 22-24, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD.
greenlight HomiCon 2002  October 25-27, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD.
greenlight Homicon '99  Newly updated!  New accounts and photos!
greenlight Homicon '98
greenlight Pattern's Homicon '98 Photos

greenlight 1998 Homicide: Live Photos  2/14/98 from Maddie.

greenlight 1999 Homicide: Live Photos  March 7, 1999, from Maddie.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Street Set Visit  November 12, 1998, Susan Garrett.

greenlight Pam's Excellent Adventure In Baltimore  Pamela Rose.

greenlight Homicide: Life on the Street ring   Mariel Foster's H:LotS Web Ring.

Baltimore Links...

greenlight Fells Point is the official site of the Fells Point neighborhood.
greenlight Encore Baltimore provides an outline of Fells Point, featuring a map.
greenlight Exploring Baltimore At Night  The Washington Post's take on Bawlmer's night life.
greenlight Baltimore Photos  Greg Marsh and Madelaine Burgess.  Nice City Pier photos.
greenlight Baltimore Photos  Ken's photos of Baltimore, including a shot of the City Pier.
greenlight The Waterfront  Homicide's Fells Point bar.

Melissa Leo as Kay Howard Actor Links...

greenlight New Andre Braugher Fan Site
greenlight The Unofficial Andre Braugher Page
greenlight Andre Braugher People Profile
greenlight Kyle Secor Official Site
greenlight A Kyle Secor Home Page
greenlight A Very Clever Plan: A Tribute To Kyle Secor
greenlight KylePhiles - unofficial Kyle Secor fan site
greenlight Endsville and Kyle Secor fan site
greenlight The Krewe of Kyle
greenlight Kyle Secor
greenlight Sadhu, Baylissimo
greenlight Clark Johnson
greenlight Richard Belzer
greenlight Richard Belzer profile
greenlight Munch Junkies
Melissa Leo greenlight We hate HOMICIDE's Paul Falsone page
greenlight A Jon Seda page
greenlight Jon Seda's Fun House
greenlight The Official Jon Seda Web Site
greenlight A Jon Seda Links Page
greenlight The Daniel Baldwin Website
greenlight Baldwin Brothers Website
greenlight Melissa Leo Official Site
greenlight Melissa Leo Fan Site
greenlight A Tribute To Melissa Leo
greenlight A Reed Diamond Home Page
greenlight Snarky Naggee: A Website Devoted To Reed Diamond
Melissa Leo greenlight Society For The Protection Of Mike Kellerman
greenlight Mike Kellerman, Thrilling Detective
greenlight Reed Diamond: A True Gem
greenlight Michael Michele: The Unofficial Webpage
greenlight Brodie Man : A Max Perlich Page
greenlight Jess' Zeljko Ivanek Page
greenlight Zeljko Ivanek
greenlight Erik Todd Dellums
greenlight Steve Buscemi People Profile
greenlight Vincent D'Onofrio
greenlight Chris Meloni
greenlight Lee Tergesen
greenlight Luis Guzman
greenlight Joe Hansard's Homicide Page
greenlight Ginger Lynn Jay's Homicide Page
greenlight Bob Lau's Homicide Site
greenlight Conrad Karlson

FanFic Links...

greenlight 11 Cents: Homicide Fan Fiction   This well-designed site describes a mailing list for reading and writing H:LotS fan fiction, and has links to completed stories and to a Kyle Secor web site, an excerpt from Jerome Preisler's third Homicide novel, White Butterflies, and Karen Monroe's interview with Bob Lau the actor who plays the Process Server on Homicide.

greenlight 2001 Fan Fiction Contest
greenlight 2002 Fan Fiction Contest

More Homicide Fan Fiction Ahead...CAUTION:  Many FanFic Stories are for mature readers only!

greenlight Schism
greenlight The Secor Files
greenlight Starstorm
greenlight Brenda Antrim's Homicide/Sentinel Crossover
greenlight Waterfront Nights
greenlight Apocrypha


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