The Way It Goes
Buy MP3 listen  "Wild At Heart" by Gloriana (Stephanie Bentley/Josh Kear/Matt Serletic)

1st Verse

Down a back road
Long, hot summer
A couple kids runnin' loose and wild
He kissed her, she said, 'Mister,
Take an inch, and I'll give you a mile'

Pre Chorus

I ain't here to do anything halfway
Don't give a damn what anyone might say
I just wanna freefall for a while


That rebel moon is shinin'
Those stars burn like diamonds
Hell bent on chasin' down that crazy spark
I'll follow you where you're leadin'
To the first sweet taste of freedom
You got me runnin' baby
(You got me runnin' baby)
Wild at heart
(Oh, oh, all right)

2nd Verse

About midnight he tells her,
'Ain't got no come-on lines'
Well, I love you
Or I'll try to
We got nothin' to lose but time

Pre Chorus

Stick your hand into my back pocket
Light me up like a bottle rocket
I just wanna freefall for a while

(Repeat Chorus)


Oh, oh, all right
Tonight is tellin' us we're way too young
Oh, oh, that's all right
I got forever on the tip of my tongue

(Chorus Out)

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