George Strait listen  "It Just Comes Natural" by George Strait (Marv Green/Jim Collins)

1st Verse

Sun shines, clouds rain
Train whistles blow and guitars play
Preachers preach, farmers plow
Wishes go up, and the world goes 'round


And I love you
It just comes natural
(And I love you)
(It just comes natural)
(It just comes natural)
(It just comes natural)

2nd Verse

Seasons change, rivers wind
Tumbleweeds roll, and the stars shine
Wind howls, 'n' dawn breaks
Cowboy's ridin' time slips away

(Repeat Chorus)


It's what I was born to do
Don't have to think it through
Baby, it's so easy lovin' you
(It just comes natural)

(Repeat Bridge)

3rd Verse

Fire burns, waves crash
Seeds grow, and good things last
Ships sail, dreams fly
Night falls, and full moons rise

(Repeat Chorus)

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