George Strait listen  "She Let Herself Go" by George Strait (Dean Dillon/Kerry Kurt Phillips)

1st Verse

He wondered how she'd take it
When he said goodbye
Thought she might do some cryin'
Lose some sleep at night
But he had no idea
When he hit the road
That without him in her life
She'd let herself go

1st Chorus

Let herself go on a singles' cruise
To Vegas once, then to Honolulu
Let herself go to New York City
A week at the spa
Came back knocked-out pretty
(They) (When he) said he didn't love her no more
She let herself go

2nd Verse

She poured her heart and soul
Into their three bedroom ranch
Spent her days raisin' babies
Ironin' his pants
Came home one day from the grocery store
And found his note
And without him there to stop her
She let herself go

2nd Chorus

Let herself go on her first blind date
Had the time of her life
With some friends at the lake
Let herself go buy a brand new car
Drove down to the beach
He always said was too far
Sand sure felt good between her toes

(Repeat 1st Chorus)


To Vegas once
New York City
Came back knocked-out pretty

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