George Strait listen  "Give It Away" by George Strait (Bill Anderson/Buddy Cannon/Jamey Johnson)


She was stormin' through the house that day
And I could tell she was leavin'
And I thought, aww, she'll be back
'Til she turned around and pointed at the wall, and said...

1st Verse

'That picture from our honeymoon'
'That night in Frisco Bay'
'Just give it away'
She said, 'Give it away'

2nd Verse

'And that big four-poster king-size bed'
'Where so much love was made'
'Just give it away'
She said, 'Just give it away'


Just give it away
There ain't nothin' in this house worth fightin' over
Oh, and we're both tired of fightin' anyway
Just give it away


So I tried to move on
But I found that each woman I held
Just reminded me of that day

3rd Verse

When that front door swung wide open
She flung her diamond ring
Said, 'Give it away'
'Just give it away'

4th Verse

And I said, 'Now, honey'
'Don't you even want your half of everything'
She said, 'Give it away'
'Just give it away'

(Repeat Chorus)


So I'm still right here where she left me
Along with all the other things she don't care about anymore

5th Verse

Like that picture from our honeymoon
That night in Frisco Bay
She said, 'Give it away'
Well, I can't give it away

6th Verse

That big four-poster king-size bed
Where all our love was made
She said, 'Give it away'
Well, I can't give it away


I've got a furnished house
A diamond ring
And a lonely, broken heart
Full 'a love
And I can't even give it away

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