Ashley Gearing

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Buy MP3 listen  "Out The Window" by Ashley Gearing (Marv Green/Aimee Mayo/Chris Lindsey/Hillary Lindsey)

1st Verse

(Yeah) her mama and her daddy and her uncle and her brother
Had her whole life planned
They had no clue
What she was about to do

2nd Verse

She met that boy in the corduroy pants
At the record store
Moppin' up the floor
Lookin' so cute and bored

Pre Chorus

She waited in her bedroom
For the sign of his headlights
Busted down the screen and said
Good-bye to her old life

1st Chorus

And her parents' dreams went out the window
With a short blue dress and a jewelry box
She left a note sayin'
'I'll call you tomorrow'
'I love you both' and she was gone
She was gone out the window

3rd Verse

Coffee and chicken biscuits on the Interstate
I guess beauty school is gonna have to wait
Stealin' sideway kisses and singin' songs
Crossin' county lines
Drivin' all night long

Pre Chorus

He opened up her hand
Gave her a bubblegum ring
He said, 'I know that this ain't much
But will you please marry me'

2nd Chorus

And a big bouquet went out the window
Like her brown hair blowin' in the wind
In the passenger seat of his blue Camaro
She could see a sweeter life
A new sunrise out the window


Five years later
They were happy ever after makin' babies
Doin' dishes in the kitchen
Watchin' her kids playin'

3rd Chorus

And all her dreams were right there out the window
Pigtails and overalls makin' mud pies
And she's tryin' to feed 'em to her little brother
Oh, what a crazy life
There's her beautiful life right out the window

(Repeat 1st Verse)

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