video  "Songs About Rain" by Gary Allan (Liz Rose/Pat McLaughlin)

1st Verse

Well, this town has closed down way too early
And there's nothin' to do
So I'm drivin' around in circles
And I'm thinkin' about you
Today I heard you got a new last name
Sure didn't know it was gonna hit me this way
And the radio just keeps on playin'
All these songs about rain

2nd Verse

Now there's all kind of songs about babies
And love that goes right
But for some unknown reason
Nobody wants to play them tonight
Hey, I hope it's sunny wherever you are
But that's sure not the picture tonight in my car
And it sure ain't easin' my pain
All these songs like


"Rainy Night In Georgia" and "Kentucky Rain"
"Here Comes That Rainy Day Feelin' Again"
"Blue Eyes Cryin'" in the "Early Mornin' Rain"
They go on and on
And there's no two the same
Oh, (it would be easy to) (how I wish I could) blame
All these songs about rain
(All these songs about rain)

3rd Verse

Well, I thought I was over you
But I guess maybe I'm not
'Cause when I let you go
Looks like lonely is all that I got
Guess I'll never know what could have been
Sure ain't helpin' this mood that I'm in
If they're gonna keep on playin'
These songs like

(Chorus Out)

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