Gary Allan listen  "What Kind of Fool" by Gary Allan (Jamie O'Hara)

1st Verse

Well, I see you here
Night after night
All by yourself
In the blue neon light
A drink in your hand
A tear on your face
A beautiful woman
So out of place
I guess somebody told you goodbye
In a million years I couldn't understand why


What kind of fool (what kind)
Didn't want you
What kind of fool (what kind)
Tore your heart in two
What kind of fool (what kind)
Didn't do everything he could do
To hold on to you
(What kind of fool)
(Tell me, what kind of fool)
(What kind of fool)

2nd Verse

Well, I ain't no saint
And I ain't no king
I don't know it all
But I do know one thing
Whoever it was
That made you so blue
Never deserved
A woman like you
He should be down on his bended knees
Begging you to forgive him, please

(Repeat Chorus)


One day he'll wake up
And realize a terrible truth
He'll see that he had it all
When he had you

(Repeat Chorus)

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