listen  "She's So California" by Gary Allan (Gary Allan/Jon Randall/Jaime Hanna)

Gary Allan
1st Verse

She's a warm summer breeze with bleach blonde hair
Like a fine red wine, she can take you there
Well, she's a walk in the sand at sunset
She's the top pulled down on the 405
She take you higher than Humboldt sky
She's an earthquake
And you're the fault line
So when you feel the ground start movin' around
Hold on tight, you're in for a ride


'Cause she's so California
She's a wildfire out 'a control, headed for 'ya
So when you get burned
Don't say I didn't warn 'ya
Because she's so California

2nd Verse

She's a black Mercedes on Laurel and Vine
She's a low-cut dress
She's a Hollywood sign
She's a Deadhead on a Friday night
Oh, and she's so cool
Breakin' all the rules
Risin' star, she'll break your heart

(Repeat Chorus)


She's so California
She's so California
She's so California
She's so California
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