listen video  "Red Umbrella" by Faith Hill (Aimee Mayo/Chris Lindsey/Brad Warren/Brett Warren)

1st Verse

Sometimes life can get a little dark
I'm sure I've got bruises on my heart
Here come the black clouds full of pain
Yeah, you can break away without the chains

Pre Chorus

Your love is like a red umbrella
Walk the streets like Cinderella
Everyone can see it on my face


(So) let it rain
It's pourin' all around me
Let it fall
It ain't gonna drown me
After all
I'm gonna be okay
(So) let it rain (rain)
(Oh, let it rain) (rain)
(Let it fall)
(I'm gonna be okay)
(So let it rain)

2nd Verse

You can wear your sorrow like an old raincoat
You can save your tears in a bottle made of gold
But the glitter on the sidewalk always shines
Yeah, even God needs to cry sometimes

Pre Chorus

Your love is like a red umbrella
Always there to make me better
When my broken dreams
Are fallin' from the sky

(Repeat Chorus)


Let it wash my tears away (away)
Tomorrow's another day

(Chorus Out)

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