Faith Hill "You Give Me Love" by Faith Hill (Matraca Berg/Jim Photoglo/Harry Stinson)

1st Verse

You turn around
Then you ask me behind tears of doubt
Just what do I see in you
Please don't cry
I know sometimes it seems we barely get by
But if you don't see how much you do (oh) to get me through


('Cause) when the (my) world is cold
And I need a friend to hold (me)
You give me give me love baby
And when my hope is gone
And I feel (it feels) I can't go on
You pick me up
You give me love...(yeah) you give me (love) (yeah, yeah)

2nd Verse

I apologize
If I never told you what you are in my eyes
Oh baby, let me tell you now
Every day
Looks sweeter knowing you'll be there in every way
Now how can you say that's not enough

(Repeat Chorus)


Everything my heart desires
Morning sun and midnight fires
Someone there to share my dream
With you I have everything

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

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