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Emily West EP
listen video video  "Rocks In Your Shoes" by Emily West (Dave Berg/Annie Tate/Emily West)

1st Verse

So you had some bad luck
Life sucks
Can't do nothin' right
You took some wrong turns
Got burned
Went too many times
And so you fall back with all that
Hurt that just don't wanna heal

2nd Verse

So then you do the, 'Why me?
This can't be happenin' again
Hey, what's the deal, man
I can't take much more of this'
You put your time in
Paid your dues
Believe me, I know how you feel


I guess you gotta make a choice
When it hits the fan
You can get a little down
Or get a little mad
When there's stones in the road
Only one thing to do
You gotta learn to walk
With rocks in your shoes
(Come on) (oh, yeah)

3rd Verse

I heard some good lies from bad guys
Makin' me their mark
They did a drive-by
Bang, bang
Big hole in my heart
Needed a crash cart
Sister, I was fadin' fast

4th Verse

I had a 'poor me' trophy
Kept it on a shelf
Did the too proud, too cool
To ask for any help
For when I gave in, prayin'
I only got one answer back
And he said

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

Tag Chorus

It bitters like a weed
If you let it grow
It's gonna trip you up, yeah
Somewhere down the road
To get where you're goin'
There's only one thing to do
You gotta learn to walk
With rocks in your shoes
You better learn to walk
With rocks in your shoes
Come on
Gotta learn to walk
Keep on walkin'
With rocks in your shoes

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