The Great Divide
listen  "The Plan" by The Great Divide (Eddie Alexander/Michael Ward)

1st Verse

I know exactly where I'm goin'
I've got it all figured out
Quietly, patiently
Without a shadow of doubt
Partners in commitment
That's the bottom line
Together forever
That's what I got in mind


I got my hands on the wheel
To steer the course on the road of life
And I'm cruisin'
In the right direction
Toward my connection, and it's you
And we're movin'
You're my woman, and I'm your man
And that's the plan

2nd Verse

I fill your every day
With love from the start
Best of friends until the end
Always close to my heart
I'll give you everything
You'll be my confidante
Life's all in, in motion
On and on and on

(Repeat Chorus Twice)


You're my woman
And I'm your man
And that's the plan

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