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listen  "Back There All The Time" by Drew Davis Band (Steve Robson/Jeffrey Steele)

1st Verse

It was a typical summer
Hot down by the water's edge
We were lovers, awkward
Trippin' on words
Fallin' for each other
We were desperate for somethin'
More than seventeen years of innocence
Wasn't enough to keep us from the edge
We had to jump off
And nothing could stop us
Nothin' in this world


You were ready to fly
I was ready to fall
(And) (When) anything was possible
There wasn't a cloud in the clear, blue sky
The world was low, we were up so high
And lookin' down on the roads not taken
Lost in the love that we were makin'
And you ask me if you ever cross my mind
Yeah, girl, I go back there all the time

2nd Verse

This cool rain's unusual
Strange for this time 'a year
She's burnin' up the sidewalk
But it makes good small talk
And it's so wonderful seein' you
After all these years
And I wonder what
The chances were of meetin' you
In this coffeeshop
Girl, the last time I
Looked into your eyes

(Repeat Chorus)


Well yeah, the last time
I looked into your eyes

(Repeat Chorus)


Well, I go back there all the time
Well, I go back there all the time

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