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Straight To The Highway
listen  "Quarry Town" by Dan Colehour (Dan Colehour)

1st Verse

We never heard the call
Or felt the pull of the open road
We've got a brand new A&P
And a big-screen picture show

1st Pre Chorus

We hardly want for nothin'
'Cause our feet seldom leave the ground
(We) (We've) never (knew) (known) any better
In a quarry town

2nd Verse

Back in '62
Around the start of Vietnam
Some of us quarry boys
Who were of fightin' age
Made a deal with Uncle Sam

2nd Pre Chorus

In the name of God and country
We buried our friends in the ground
We never knew any better
In a quarry town


If who you are
Is a little of where you're from
You're gonna find a whole lotta people 'round here
Mixed in with the limestone dust

(Repeat 1st Pre Chorus)

3rd Verse

I've cut the yellow stone
For now on thirty years
And I will 'til they lay me down
'Cause nothin' changes much around here

3rd Pre Chorus

Like those that came before us
We take what is handed down
We give it to our children
In a quarry town

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat 1st Pre Chorus)


Our feet never leave the ground
In a quarry town
In a quarry town
Yeah, in a quarry town

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