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The Love Songs
listen video  "The Strong One" by Clint Black (Bill Luther/Don Poythress/Chuck Jones)

1st Verse

When God made woman I wonder sometimes
If it was a flower he had in mind
When he made her

2nd Verse

A touch as gentle as a butterfly
A kiss so sweet it could stop time

Pre Chorus

God gave man the chance to be
The kind of strength a woman needs
He was supposed to be the one
To carry that load


(But) (And) there she goes
Baby in her arms
World on her shoulders when her day starts
Workin' a job that don't pay much
But she thanks God it's enough
And there she is
On her own two feet
He walked out, but she still got dreams
Tries to laugh when she feels like cryin'
Nobody'd blame her if she stopped tryin'
But she's got a heart that gives and gives
So you tell me who the strong one is

3rd Verse

Tonight's the first night in a while
She put on her makeup wearin' a smile
She's goin' out

4th Verse

That everything was all planned out
But the fever that the baby's got now
It's all shot down

Pre Chorus

And she gives up what she wants to do
For what she has to
That's what a momma does
And she'll be there like she always is
When the sun comes up

(Chorus Out)

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