Dixie Chicks video  "Without You" by Dixie Chicks (Natalie Maines/Eric Silver)

1st Verse

I've sure enjoyed the rain
But I'm lookin' forward to the sun
You have to feel the pain
When you lose the love you gave someone
I thought by now the time
Would take away these lonely tears
I hope you're doin' fine all alone
But where do I go from here, 'cause


Without you, I'm not okay
And without you, I've lost my way
My heart's stuck in second place, ooh woo
Without you

2nd Verse

Well, I never thought I'd be
Lying here without you by my side
It seems unreal to me
That the life you promised was a lie
You made it look so easy
Makin' love into memories
I guess you got what you wanted
But what about me, 'cause

(Repeat Chorus)


Somebody tell my head to try to tell my heart
That I'm better off without you
'Cause baby I can't live

(Repeat Chorus)

Without you

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