Dixie Chicks "Lubbock Or Leave It" by Dixie Chicks (Emily Robison/Martie Maguire/Natalie Maines/Mike Campbell)

1st Verse

Dust bowl, Bible belt
Got more churches than trees
Raise me, praise me
Couldn't save me
Couldn't keep me on my knees
Oh, boy
Rave on down Loop 289
That'll be the day you see me back
In this fool's paradise


Temptation's strong (Salvation's gone)
I'm on my way
To hell's half acre
How will I ever
How will I ever
Get to Heaven now
(Get to Heaven now)

2nd Verse

Throwin' stones from the top of your rock
Thinkin' no one can see
The secret you hide behind
Your southern hospitality
On the strip the kids get lit
So they can have a real good time
Come Sunday they can just take their pick
From the crucifix skyline

(Repeat Chorus)

3rd Verse

International airport
A quarter after nine
Paris, Texas
Athens, Georgia's
Not what I had in mind
As I'm gettin' out I laugh to myself
'Cause this is the only place
Where as you're gettin' on the plane
You see Buddy Holly's face


I hear they hate me now
Just like they hated you
Maybe when I'm dead and gone
I'm gonna get a statue, too

(Chorus Out)

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