Dixie Chicks "Heartbreak Town" by Dixie Chicks (Darrell Scott)

1st Verse

Hugged your friends
Kissed your mama goodbye
Baby in your arms and a tear in your eye
Twelve hundred miles, and you never asked why from me

2nd Verse

Me and the baby and you side by side
We all knew we was in for a long, hard ride
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, it seemed
Honked the horn when we crossed the state line
Woke up the baby, and she started to cry
She must have known what we were going to find


This ain't nothin' but a heartbreak town
Square people in a world that's round
And they watch you dancin' without (the) (a) sound
It ain't nothin', no (it ain't) nothin' (oh, ho)
You take your number and you stand in line
And they watch to see how high you're gonna climb
Pat on the back 'n' better luck next time
It ain't nothin', no it ain't nothin' but a heartbreak town

3rd Verse

Stardust, well it's a funny thing
It can make you cuss, it can make you sing
And the need to touch it gets hard to explain some days
I've seen 'em rise, and I've seen 'em fall
Some get nothin', and Lord some get it all
Some just run while others crawl away


Hold my hand, baby, don't let go
I've got some front money, and I've got a next show
And I'm, I'm going to need you down this yellow brick road

(Repeat Chorus)

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