Dixie Chicks "If I Fall You're Going Down With Me" by Dixie Chicks (Matraca Berg/Annie Roboff)

1st Verse

Was it the pull of the moon now, baby
That led you to my door
You say the night's got you actin' crazy
I think it's somethin' more

I never felt the earth move, honey
Until you shook my tree
Nobody runs from the law now, baby
Of love and gravity

It pulls you so strong
Baby, you gotta hold on


('Cause) If I fall, you're goin' down with me
You're goin' down with me, baby, if I fall
You can't take back every little chill you give me
You're goin' down with me, baby, heart and all
(Ooo, yeah)

2nd Verse

We're hangin' right on the edge now, baby
The wind is gettin' stronger
We're hangin' on by a thread now, honey
We can't hold on much longer
It's a long way down, but it's too late

(Repeat Chorus)


Ooh baby, I couldn't get any higher
This time I'm willin' to dance on the wire

If I fall
If I fall

(Repeat Chorus)

If I fall
If I fall
Ooo, yeah

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