Dixie Chicks "Cold Day In July" by Dixie Chicks (Richard Leigh)

1st Verse

The moon is full, and my arms are empty
All night long (how) I've pleaded and cried
You always said the day that you would leave me
Would be a cold day in July

2nd Verse

Your bags are packed, not a word is spoken
I guess we said everything with 'goodbye'
Time moves so slow, and promises get broken
On this cold day in July


Sun's comin' up comin' up down on Main Street
Children shout as they're runnin' out to play
(Whoa, oh) Head in my hands, here I am
Standin' in my bare feet
Watchin' you drive away
Watchin' you drive away

3rd Verse

(You) said that we we're gonna last forever
You said our love would never die
It looks like spring
And it feels like sunny weather
But it's a cold day in July, whoa

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat 1st Verse)

Here comes that cold day in July
Oh, yeah
La da da la da da la da da
Oh, ooo

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