Cheryl Wheeler "Time Taketh Away" by Cheryl Wheeler (Cheryl Wheeler)

1st Verse

Time takes us from cradle to grave
From helpless to helpless again
There ain't no turnin' back
On this one way track
'Cause one day we're bound to give in


(And) (How) it just keeps rollin' by
Like the sun in the sky
Like the darkness that follows the day
And it may be the Lord who giveth
But it's time that taketh away

2nd Verse

You watch us grow up
We watch you grow old
It's the order we've known from the start
But it don't help to know
When time's runnin' low
'Cause I swear it still tears us apart

(Repeat Chorus)


And how can I start
To take this in stride
Who let your strength start to fray
And how can I stop
The tears in my eyes
You're fading away, you're fading away

(Chorus Out)

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