Cheryl Wheeler "His Hometown" by Cheryl Wheeler (Cheryl Wheeler)

1st Verse

When he was a boy, sittin' in school
Starin' out the windows at the fields he knew
All that he wanted was to be there, too
Drivin' his tractor through the morning dew

2nd Verse

Dust from the sun, mud from the rain
It felt like an honor to him all the same
And it's the simplest thing, he's a self-taught man
He loves his work because he loves the land


And he can change the hills, plant the trees
Dig the wells, spread the seeds
Mow the fields, plow the streets
In his hometown

3rd Verse

And the seasons roll by, year into year
He's worked all his life, and he's worked right here
And the winters go slow if the snows don't come
But it's soon to be summer when the tractors hum

(Repeat Chorus)


I've seen him do things I just can't believe
Makes gentle giants of those big machines
He moves a boulder like a paper bag
And he moves a tree like it was all he had

And he can change the hills...

4th Verse

And blessed is the soul who has truly found
Something to rest on while the world turns 'round
I think he'd say this is how he feels
When the dark earth is turning underneath his wheels

(Repeat Chorus)

In his hometown

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