Cheryl Wheeler "So Far To Fall" by Cheryl Wheeler (Cheryl Wheeler)

1st Verse

Oh, I guess I can't stop you
No, I guess you'll just leave
It's like I woke and found
You walkin' on sacred ground
Bringin' a great dread down on me

2nd Verse

And I know we've had hard times
But I thought we'd still try
Now didn't we both intend
To see this through thick and thin
It wasn't just sink or swim this time


Oh, this ain't the love
You swore to me
Oh, (and) this ain't the life
It's supposed to be
And I don't know just how to hold on now
And it's so far to fall
From the warm light in your eyes
To nothin' at all

3rd Verse

Guess I'll drop by
And see my old friends
Maybe go off on my own
You speak from a heart so cold
To tell me your love's grown old
And just not enough to hold you down

(Chorus Out)

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