Cheryl Wheeler "Rainy Road Into Atlanta" by Cheryl Wheeler (Cheryl Wheeler)

Rainy road into Atlanta
Time is truly crawlin' by
Drops of rain on my side window
Nothin', nothin' on my mind
Driving through the old horizon
Though it never seems that way
Clouds are rolling through these skies
In fifty thousand shades of grey

Always on the move is a mesmerizing groove
And it's a quiet call, it's a trance to fall into

Texaco and exit only, Grandma Peaches Cafe
Bridges freeze before the roadway
I don't think they will today
Single seating at the counter
How can I be here again?
Filthy shirt construction worker
With Georgia on his face and hands

Always on the move is a mesmerizing groove
In an April rain as the Southern spring comes through

I don't know where the winter went
But summertime is closing in
If bloom and shoot is what they meant
I'd say the South just arose again
How beautiful these roads I wander
All these towns I'm passing through
Oh blessed is this weary traveler
Finally coming home to you

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