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Sinners Like Me
Not Too Bad
listen  "Spoken Like A Man" by Blaine Larsen (David Frazier/Ed Hill/Josh Kear)

1st Verse

Guys are playin' pool
Longnecks in a bucket
Braggin' 'bout their luck
With the ladies in bed
Laughin' when they askin'
For all the dirty details
He don't say nothin'
Just a'shakin' his head


Spoken like a man
Devoted to a woman
Not just any woman
But the love of his life
Spoken like a man
Crazy 'bout the feelin'
He gets every evenin'
When they turn out the light

2nd Verse

Cue behind the eight
It's starin' down the table
There's a cutie 'cross the room
Tryin' to catch his eye
She walks across the bar
With her number on a napkin
He gives it to a buddy
With a wink and a smile

(Repeat Chorus)

3rd Verse

He pays his tab
Pulls his keys out of his pocket
The boys say, 'Where you goin'
Just one more game
Give us one good reason
Why you can't hang'
He turns at the door
And just holds up his ring

(Chorus Out)

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