Beverley Mitchell
listen  "Heaven On Earth Down Here" by Beverley Mitchell

1st Verse

I heard the big city never sleeps
Here they roll up the streets
Around ten o'clock

2nd Verse

On the other side of River Bridge
There's a spot on Powell Ridge
Where the asphalt stops

Pre Chorus

Sometimes when the sky is clear
We slip away and disappear


Layin' out on the hood of the car
Spellin' our names by connectin' the stars
Love runnin' as deep as the creek runs clear
(We got Heaven on earth down here)
(We got Heaven on earth down here)

3rd Verse

Sometimes I hear from an old friend
I hadn't seen since I don't know when
From out of the blue

4th Verse

Well, life has shed some tears
Catch up on the past few years
In a minute or two

Pre Chorus

I know it's hard for him to believe
But there's no place I'd rather be

(Repeat Chorus)


Why be in a hurry
No need to watch the clock
Time moves so slow down here
You can almost feel it stop

(Chorus Out)

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