Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn listen  "She's About As Lonely" by Brooks & Dunn (Ronnie Dunn/Terry McBride)

1st Verse

Oh, off across the room
She sits alone
Pretty as a picture
Sadder than a sad song

2nd Verse

Well, I'll do what it takes
Try whatever works
I can't just sit here
And watch her hurt


While she sorts out
Why Mister Right did her wrong
I give her one more drink
(And) a few more songs
In the barroom haze
All alone she sits
(Oh) (Yeah) she's about as lonely
(Yeah, she's about as lonely)
As I'm gonna let her get

3rd Verse

Oh, sittin' lonely at the bar
Tryin' to drown the past
Starin' at her broken heart
At the bottom of her glass

4th Verse

Oh, I don't want to push her
But I can't take much more
(I) think I'm gonna have to step up
And show heartache to the door

(Chorus Out)

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